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Guidelines on how to resolve chain deviation of scraper conveyor


Here are some guidelines that can help you to solve your chain deviation problem on scraper conveyor:

A. Installation quality must be of well guaranteed and ensure correct mounting dimensions.

1. Make sure the space between chain and conveyor through is ideally adjusted as it will contribute to smooth operation, reduce energy consumption, prolong scraper conveyor machine life and improve transport efficiency.

2. Inspect and adjust the surface flatness of guide rail, and ensure the joints of rails is smooth.

3. Check and adjust head and tail pulleys. They should be centred and in line.

4. Replace any deformed scrapers.

5. Repair or replace any worn-out guide rails.

6. Adjust the tension device of scraper chain conveyor.

i. Ensure that the elasticity of chain and scraper is moderate

ii. Ensure the left and right sides of tensile force is the same

B. Adjust the material drop point (feeding point) onto the scraper conveyors.

1. Material impact is one of the major cause of chain deviation.

i. Install a retaining plate at the inlet.

ii. Ensure that materials will drop at the middle position of scraper and chain.

C. Install baffle plated on both sides of the chains.

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