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Five different methods of oiling the chain and sprocket of scraper conveyor machine


Oiling simply means to lubricate certain parts of the scraper conveyor machine. It is a maintenance procedure so as to prolong the chain and sprocket life and maintain the machine performance quality. Here are five methods to guide you choose the suitable oiling method for your scraper conveyor equipment.

1. Manual lubrication – manually apply oil with oil filler or brush, usually every 8 hours.

2. Grip lubrication – continuously dripping about 20 times every minute.

3. Disk lubrication – disk rotor binging oil from oil pan and splash onto sprocket and chain at the top.

4. Oil bath lubrication – casing works as oil pan where chain is dipped with oil at the bottom.

5. Spray lubrication – oil pump circulates and spray oil to chain in closed casing.