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Advancement of scraper conveyor device

Scraper conveyor has been long used in cement production line. For the record, engineers had been developing the technology and features of scraper conveyor machine. In the early 90s, most industrial-related people use universal types to convey materials. However, because of the poor wear-resisting performance, bad sealing quality and short service life, conveyor machine manufacturers see the need to develop a better conveying equipment and thus the scraper conveyors were invented.

The unique features of scraper conveyor equipment are made based on the lacking-ness of the previous conveying machine. The features are as enlisted below:

i. Sealed packing between head rotor and casing.

ii. Adopt low carbon material for the machine body of which surface hardness can reach 60 – 65 HRC after surface carburizing and hardening.

iii. Bearing chamber is lined with a wear-resistant layer.

iv. Flange connection between casings utilise thick gasket.

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Advancement of scraper conveyor device